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    Lessons I Learned while Building My Companies

    Lars Hinrichs, HackFwd

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    Using Clojure, NoSQL-Databases And Functional-Style JavaScript To Write Next-Generation HTML5 Apps

    Stefan Richter, HackFwd

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    HackFwd Build 0.3 - Mallorca September 2010

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    First Year of HackFwd Build Events

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    sharypic contract signing

    sharypic, HackFwd

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    HackFwd Build 0.4 - Mallorca December 2010

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    HackFwd Build 0.5 - Mallorca March 2011

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    15 Years Of Founding & Hacking

    Frank Thelen, e42 GmbH

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    More Than The Sum Of Its Parts, The API's Whole

    Josep Pujol, 3scale

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    How To Deal With Techcrunch - And Maybe Other Media

    Mike Butcher, Techcrunch

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    Fail Faster

    Roman Stanek, HackFwd

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    The Art Of The Pitch

    Pierre Morsa

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    7 Product Tips for Startups

    Charles Wiles, Imagini

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    How Wooga Cares About Monsters

    Stephanie Kaiser, Wooga

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    HackFwd Build 0.6 - Mallorca July 2011

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    Amazon And The Lean Cloud

    Werner Vogels, Amazon

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    HackFwd Build 0.7 - Berlin September 2011

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    How To Create A Hit iPhone Game

    Torsten Reil, naturalmotion

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    Leadership In A StartUp

    Marco Börries, NumberFour

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    We Rate

    Chris Boos, We Rate

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    Who Says Startups Are Easy

    Om Malik, Gigaom

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    Acquiring Customers – Finding The Right Ones To Start With And Scaling Up

    Florian Heinemann, Rocket Internet

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    The Minimum Viable Deal

    Michael Jackson, HackFwd

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    The Accidental SEO

    Sebastian Deutsch, 9elements

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    Get Them While They're Young: Understanding Early-Stage Investors In Europe

    Nikolaj Nyholm

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    Lean Startups Express

    Alex Barrera, Press42

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    Rise Of The Micro VC

    Sean Seton-Rogers

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    Christophe Stoll, precious forever

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    Carlo Matic, interactive pioneers

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    Greg Jakacki

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    Mining The Lessons Of Games Industry

    Chris Deering

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    HackFwd Build 0.8 - Berlin Dezember 2011

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    How To Do (And What To Expect From) Early-Stage Customer Development & Sales

    Rob Fitzpatrick

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    HackFwd Reloaded

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    HackFwd Build 0.9 - Berlin March 2012

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    Nailing The Viral Loop

    Christian Hernandez, facebook

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    Big vs. Small

    René Obermann, Telekom

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    Fireside Chat With Niklas Zennström - Moderator: Lars Hinrichs

    Niklas Zennström, Atomico

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    Innovation And Learning for startups

    Martin Kupp, ESMT

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    Design For Emergence

    Tom Hulme, IDEO

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    Magic Numbers

    Stephanie Kaiser & Torsten Reil, wooga, naturalmotion

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    Selling Complex Stories In Simple Words For High Prices

    Marco Rodzynek, NOAH

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    A Geek's Guide To Networking

    Borys Musielak, Filmaster

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    On The Future Of Operating Systems

    Ali Jelveh, protonet

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    Early Stage Startups - VCs or Angels

    Florian Schweitzer & Adam Valkin, b-to-v, Accel

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    Keeping Your Company Asshole-Free

    Klaas Kersting, flaregames

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    Silicon Valley vs Europe, Why Americans Do Startups Better

    Fadi Bishara, blackbox

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    HackFwd Build 0.10 - Berlin June 2012

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    Insurgency Marketing: Getting Attention For Your Startup

    Andris Berzins, Amooz

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    HackNow Winner Marcin Łuszkiewicz

    Marcin Łuszkiewicz, planetoweb

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    You Must Create Your Own Luck

    Demian Bellumio, Senzari

  • Thumb_50af2ea87af1186ade00000b

    How To Find A Great Designer

    Katharina Birkenbach, Soundcloud

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    Know Thyself, Watch Thy Users

    Laszlo Laufer, prezi

  • Thumb_50af30227af1186ade00000d

    The Dirty Secrets Of Money Making

    Maks Giordano, Nunatak

  • Thumb_50af30f17af1186ade00000e

    How To Run A Startup Company While Being On The Road

    Ville Miettinen, Microtask

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    Workshop PR, Communication & Storytelling

    Alex Barrera, Press42

  • Thumb_50c6153e7af118693b00000b

    HackFwd Build 0.11 - Berlin October 2012